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Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Exposing false church leaders in Zimbabwe" by Nicholas Mada.

“An ungodly man digs up evil, and it is on his lips like a burning fire." Proverbs 16.27 Norbert Kunonga’s relationship with Robert Mugabe is a clear sign of an ungodly Bishop of a church teaming up with a ruthless dictator. The Bishop has dug his own grave and his end is going to be disastrous just like all who have been close to the ruler.

Why then do we have many such church leaders in Zimbabwe? I am not judging them but am worried about these false and manipulating church leaders who are conning our long suffering relatives. Church leaders are supposed to be the shepherds of the people but instead many of them in Zimbabwe are enriching themselves using God’s name. This is misleading and must be exposed now rather than later.

Let us focus on the trend of Mugabe using his cronies in government departments to corrupt people. The police force and the CIO under Chihuri and Mabhunda respectively are well connected to churches. The question now is what is the population that such churches lead and what is the influence of such loyalists to Mugabe who have killed innocent people all these years? Constable Oripa from Matapi is one good example of those used by church man Chihuri to torment people. These church men are working right against what they claim to be. Again, Kunonga is a new recruit of Zanu PF and he will do anything possible to mislead his followers in order to get a farm. Zanufication of Zimbabwe by Mugabe. This is nonsense. Zimbabweans, don't be cowards, stand up for your own rights.

I believe church leaders must help big crowds and improve their daily lives. Instead these people are used to uplift the wealth levels of these Zimbabwean church leaders. They must all be exposed now rather than later. These high profile church leaders in Zimbabwe have used our people for too long and this must come to an end now. Once they get what they want they discard their followers like waste.

The main agenda of these church leaders is to be honored and respected like Jesus. How can they be compared to the savior of the people when they are just opportunists? This is insane. They preach militant Zanu PF dirty politics and torture the same people they want to be their followers. These rulers arouse fear within a society and people live like animals in Zimbabwe. Many Christians in Zimbabwe will acknowledge my point here that they are being brainwashed by Mugabe’s preachers in these so called God’s congregations. There has been very serious people’s behavior manipulation by Zanu PF through many churches in the country. Inventory of all church leaders who got farms from Mugabe must be revealed to the public.Then it will be up to the public to deal with them.

There are differences between preaching by bishops and brain damage by Mugabe but both have been steadily moving pretty close. Manipulating and controlling followers for the benefit of church leaders and Robert Mugabe is the order of the day in the politics of Zanu PF. There is no spiritual gain by Christians here.” Whoever misleads the upright into an evil way will fall into his own pit, but the blameless will have a goodly inheritance." Proverbs 28:10.

Zimbabweans are not a docile people but we have been used to destroy, divide, and fail to function as a society. This has been Mugabe’s strategy and Lookout Masuku said that during his last days in bed. Mugabe has been condemned right from the beginning but most have not opened their minds.

We have failed to liberate ourselves as a people and are the reason we are blaming Thabo Mbeki today. My personal worry (and I believe of many too) is when Zimbabweans are going to stop such people like these church leaders to manipulate them? When are church leaders going to know they are being manipulated by Mugabe for his personal survival? Why do Zimbabweans remain aloof when the country is on the cliffs? Is it known by Zimbabweans in the Diaspora and the international community that Mugabe is on a country wide human destruction? If it is known why are we not coming together now rather than later? Well, my own answer is that everybody in the country including the so called church bishops, pastors, elders, ministers, prophets, founders, Sunday school teachers, deacons, and the likes of Kunonga, Chihuri, and Mabhunda are all involved in manipulating Zimbabweans in and out of the country and Mugabe is doing the same to them.

Let me tell Robert Mugabe and his bunch of thugs and opportunists followers that through out history, man’s efforts to ruin one another’s behavior have not been successful. Mugabe’s ambitions to destroy Zimbabwe must be well recorded for history purposes in our country.

Nicholas Nickson Mada (